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Notes on the Belle Springs Creamery and Abilene Natatorium

Belle Springs CreameryThis longtime Abilene business actually began in the small Dickinson County town of Belle Springs, a community settled by River Brethren families from Pennsylvania.  The original creamery was developed for the purpose of manufacturing butter.  In 1892, a new creamery was built outside of Abilene in Prospect Park.  The large brick creamery that is pictured here was built in 1902 in Abilene close to the original location of the Drover’s Cottage, Abilene’s largest hotel during the cattle town days.  The Belle Springs Creamery produced ice and many dairy products, including butter, cheese, and ice cream.  The David and Ida Eisenhower family moved to Abilene due to David acquiring employment at the creamery.  He would hold a position there for over twenty years.  His son Dwight, future General and President, also worked for the Belle Springs Creamery before leaving Abilene to begin his military career. Read More→

Almost like Magic: Bill Jeffcoat on the Polaroid Camera

Bill Jeffcoat

Bill Jeffcoat

“In 1948, Edwin Land brought out his ‘picture in a minute’ camera for sale to the public.  Anybody in their right mind does not test market a new item in Kansas, and the east coast was swamped with orders and sales.  I became fascinated with this concept of photography.  Priced fairly high, the camera was a huge bulky affair, but Americans were willing to pay.  I asked Polaroid what would be their bare bones, cash up front order for a shipment.  They replied, three cameras and 36 films.  When the box arrived, I was like a kid with a new computer game.  I hardly had patience to read the manual; I wasted three rolls of film before I could even get an image to appear!  It was hard for customers to get the hang of it as there were two drop ins and inter-leafing  and when they did this at home and goofed up, they wanted their money back or a new film.”

Note: Bill’s next sentences that close this letter are particularly interesting, considering the developments of digital cameras since his lifetime.  Bill writes:

“Funny that today, people seem to be not so excited about a photo in a minute.  They just go to the one hour lab and wait an hour.  It has been Japan who has turned the photo industry all around.”  -Bill Jeffcoat

The times have certainly changed.