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Finding Familiar Faces in the Jeffcoat Collection

As you may know, the Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum has a large collection of photographic prints and negatives from approximately eighty years of operation as a photography studio.  Many of these photographs are unidentified, and we need your help to determine these photographs’ subjects.

Luckily, we have a few different ways you can do this.  Every week, we feature an unidentified photograph in the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle.  We also feature a variety of images in the Dickinson County Historical Society‘s quarterly newsletter and on our museum’s Facebook page.  To view other photographs, we also have several binders within our museum for visitors to page through.  If you grew up in the Dickinson County area, chances are you will recognize someone in our collection.  Be sure to stop by the museum sometime soon to find out.

Press Release: Film Premiere for “C.L. Brown and Kansas Independent Telephony” Scheduled for July 21, 2012

Opening day of the Brown Memorial Home.

We posted some information about this event earlier this week, but here’s the official press release announcing the premiere of the new short film C.L. Brown and Kansas Independent Telephony.  Several images in this short film were originally taken by Paul H. Jeffcoat with the Jeffcoat Photography Studio.

The Dickinson County Historical Society is pleased to announce the debut of C.L. Brown and Kansas Independent Telephony, a new short documentary film on Abilene’s twentieth-century patriarch.

Beginning in 1899, Abilene’s C.L. Brown began the Brown Telephone Company, which in its later years would grow to become Sprint.  At a time without wireless technology or even dial phones, operators diligently worked twenty-four hour shifts connecting customer calls and greeting everyone with a friendly voice.  After much company growth and expansion, Brown began to give back to his employees and the general public. Read More→