“Abilene in the Fifties” Exhibit Continues at the Jeffcoat Museum

Eisenhower announces his presidential candidacy while visiting his hometown of Abilene in 1952.

The 1950s have been back in Abilene this summer with several events dedicated to this exciting decade over these past couple of months.  The Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum has been no exception, and we have been featuring our exhibit “Abilene in the Fifties” throughout most of the year.  This exhibit continues until August 11, 2012, and you can view images of the exhibition on our Exhibits page on our site.  We have had a great response from the public about this exhibit, and are excited to continue sharing it with you.

The 1950s were a time of great change for Abilene.  After the affects of the 1951 flood and Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidential campaign in 1952, Abilene found itself in the national spotlight, and instigated many changes within the town.  Area students began attending a new high school in 1955, attractions such as Old Abilene Town and the Eisenhower Museum and Library were on the rise, and many other changes occurred.  This exhibit focuses on some of those changes, and offers a snapshot of what life in 1950s Abilene was like.

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