The Outdoor Sign at Jeffcoat’s

Jeffcoat Photography Studio MuseumIn today’s post, Bill Jeffcoat muses on the Jeffcoat Studio’s metal sign.  This sign dates back to the 1920s, and still hangs outside the Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum today.

During the 1920s, Cleyson Brown and his United Companies were just full of ideas and one of them was to sell electric signs.  For a painless purchase, Union Electric, a division of United would sell signs on time payments, adding the cost to your electric bill!  The designs were all the same; the names of firms were placed on removable panels.  When the Reflector [newspaper office] was on 3rd Street, they had one just like Jeffcoats at one time.  In Salina, there were many.  Many sellers of signs have said [to me], “Would you like a modern sign?”  Oh no, this sign is now 72 years old and one of the few remaining items left from the era of C.L. Brown and his many companies.  -Bill Jeffcoat, March 29, 1999

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