On Broadway Street and the Broadway Market

Broadway StreetFrom Bill Jeffcoat:

“In days gone by, Broadway Street in Abilene, Kansas was a popular street for stores to be in this area.

In this photo, from left to right is the Broadway Market, Duckwalls, Farmers Bank, and Abilene National Bank.

Albert Benignus was a grocer who catered to the wants of people who had the desire to pay more for better quality foods.  Two faithful employees, Ike Robinson and Leonard Rock worked at the Broadway all of their lives.  Ike was the specialist in the meat department and Leonard did the produce and stocking.  On request, your groceries would be delivered free of charge.

When Dwight Eisenhower would return to town in his early years, he bought steaks from Albert, and during World War II, he would ask Albert to send him some pon haus.

As the years rolled by and times were changing with supermarkets arriving, Albert closed down his store and sold his building.  ”


  1. My grandmother, Helen Francis Engle Martin, worked at the Abilene Duckwall Store as a young lady around 1920 (or prior) at the candy counter. She said that is why she lost all her teeth at a young age!
    Her father was Henry Engle (constable and firechief) of Abilene and her mother was Grace Gertrude Betz Engle.
    Thank you for showing these historic photos on your website.

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