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The Vast Prairie Lands of Kansas

WheatFrom Bill Jeffcoat:

“I feel it is difficult in this day and age to realize the huge grasslands of the Midwest, with no highways, cities, nor power lines, but just the land and open skies and huge herds of buffalo.  In 1858, Horace Greeley taking a tour of the Midwest wrote, ‘A million buffalo is a great many, but I am certain that I saw that many yesterday.’  And who was Horace Greeley?  He was editor of the New York Tribune newspaper and in this year ran for the office of President of the United States against Grant, but was defeated.  With the coming of the railroad and farmers, this great breed of animal was soon exterminated, and many Native American tribes were shifted to reservations.”

How We Will All Wind Up

Bill Jeffcoat

Bill Jeffcoat

Bill Jeffcoat was a lifelong writer and chronicler of his life’s events.  In today’s post, we would like to share a story from Bill involving himself, a dog, and an open grave.

“If buried in the Abilene Cemetery, and someone wants to find your grave, it will be like this: Sec. 11, Lot 9, Space 889, even if you do not have a gravestone marker.

“It is not easy to be the caretaker of the cemetery.  On digging the grave, all kinds of problems come up, such as large tree roots and sinking sand when you go down six feet. Read More→