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On Broadway Street and the Broadway Market

Broadway StreetFrom Bill Jeffcoat:

“In days gone by, Broadway Street in Abilene, Kansas was a popular street for stores to be in this area.

In this photo, from left to right is the Broadway Market, Duckwalls, Farmers Bank, and Abilene National Bank.

Albert Benignus was a grocer who catered to the wants of people who had the desire to pay more for better quality foods.  Two faithful employees, Ike Robinson and Leonard Rock worked at the Broadway all of their lives.  Ike was the specialist in the meat department and Leonard did the produce and stocking.  On request, your groceries would be delivered free of charge.

When Dwight Eisenhower would return to town in his early years, he bought steaks from Albert, and during World War II, he would ask Albert to send him some pon haus.

As the years rolled by and times were changing with supermarkets arriving, Albert closed down his store and sold his building.  ”

Notes on the Belle Springs Creamery and Abilene Natatorium

Belle Springs CreameryThis longtime Abilene business actually began in the small Dickinson County town of Belle Springs, a community settled by River Brethren families from Pennsylvania.  The original creamery was developed for the purpose of manufacturing butter.  In 1892, a new creamery was built outside of Abilene in Prospect Park.  The large brick creamery that is pictured here was built in 1902 in Abilene close to the original location of the Drover’s Cottage, Abilene’s largest hotel during the cattle town days.  The Belle Springs Creamery produced ice and many dairy products, including butter, cheese, and ice cream.  The David and Ida Eisenhower family moved to Abilene due to David acquiring employment at the creamery.  He would hold a position there for over twenty years.  His son Dwight, future General and President, also worked for the Belle Springs Creamery before leaving Abilene to begin his military career. Read More→