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New Exhibit at Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum to Highlight Area Bands

Abilene Merchants Military Band in 1896

The Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum will be host to a new exhibit, Strike Up the Band: The Bands of Dickinson County and Abilene, showing now until September 2.

Near the turn of the twentieth century, it was common for most communities in America to have their own city band.  Dickinson County was no exception, and communities such as Talmage, Dayton, Hope, Herington, and many others boasted their own band.  Of the groups in Dickinson County, the Abilene Municipal Concert likely rose to the most prominence, marching in both inaugural parades for President Eisenhower in Washington, DC.

These stories will be shared through photographs taken over the span of one hundred years by the Jeffcoat Studio and other area photographers.  Strike Up the Band is now on display at the Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum at 321 N. Broadway St, Abilene.  Please call (785) 263-9882 for more information.

The Small Town Photographer

Bill Jeffcoat

Bill Jeffcoat


A note from Bill Jeffcoat about being a small town photographer:

“One of the delights was one got in on a lot of social and family events by taking photos at the location.  Weddings, family gatherings, reunions, class reunions, whatever when those who could, hired a photographer.

“Knowing all the people, the cameraman would just hang around after his job and visit and socialize.  Normally, he would not be invited to these affairs, but it gave him a chance to observe the family interacting with each other and record all of this in his mind to mull over and think about the small town society as part of his life also.”